Revenue Boosters

Revenue Boosters

Earn up to $39.00 every time you protect your client. Do you know what to do IF YOUR CLIENT GETS AUDITED?

Has your client been denied EIC? Child Tax Credits? Education Credits?

Audit Assistance will work with your client to get the refund they are due. We also cover Schedule A and Schedule C at no additional charge.

Audit Headaches?
Audit Assistance is here to help you and walk you through the steps to satisfy requests that the IRS makes in order to get your client their refund. Let the professionals at Audit Assistance handle your client’s audit to help you get them get the refund they are due. Audit Assistance will handle all correspondence between your client and the IRS. Your client could seek the help of outside audit companies on their own to handle their IRS audit at a rate of $100.00 or more per hour, but why waste time and money when Audit Assistance will handle the entire process for one low fee?

Tax Debt Relief
Audit Assistance is now offering assistance with taxpayers who owe tax debts to the IRS. When additional taxes, penalties, and interest are assessed, working with the IRS can be a confusing and stressful experience. At no extra charge, our staff will work with the taxpayer for a resolution to their debt.

Rejected ITIN (W-7) Applications
*Audit Assistance will cover your client’s tax return for three full years.

If they get audited, they will not get the refund they deserve until they send the IRS large amounts of documentation, paperwork, or forms.

Audit Assistance will help them get their money fast, for one flat fee.

Earn Extra Revenue
The cost of Audit Assistance is $59.95 for tax preparers but you can charge your clients up to an additional $39.00 and earn significant extra revenue for your office.


Advanced Tax Pro guarantees prompt and professional responses to our clients


Audit Assistance will work with your client to get the refund they are due


Our goal is to provide you with the greatest service, so you can grow your business every year.

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