Become an ERO

Become an ERO

Become an ERO

We can help you open your own tax office and become a financially successful tax professional

Open a Tax Office – Mobile or Physical

Become an ERO – ERO meaning Electronic Return Originator , we will show you how  to request and receive your EFIN (Electronic Filing Identification Number). This process is cost free but takes a long time to process up to 45 days.

Choosing the right software– Its of extreme importance to choose the right software that can offer accurate refunds, operate your business and satisfy your clients.

Location or Mobile– We help you identify which best fits your need

Set-Up– We’ll walk you through the process of setting you up in a location or mobile.

Marketing Strategy – There is many different ways to market your tax business. We will help you identify the best strategy depending on the location, the environment of your office and clientele.

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Advanced Tax Pro guarantees prompt and professional responses to our clients


Audit Assistance will work with your client to get the refund they are due


Our goal is to provide you with the greatest service, so you can grow your business every year.

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