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Bank Product

Tax Payment Solutions

Advanced Tax Pro has teamed up with Refund Advantage, Republic Bank, Santa Barbara Bank – TPG, to provide quality financial products and services that will enhance your tax preparation and electronic filing business. Our portfolio of financial services and our commitment to superior customer support will meet your business needs now and in the future.


The refund Transfer (RT) is a quick and cost effective method for your client to receive money based on the their federal tax refund. Federal tax refunds are usually deposited with 8 to 15 days of IRS accepted acknowledgement. Upon IRS funding your fee are deducted from the refund

Disbursement Options

Taxpayers may choose to have their Bank Product(s) disbursed via one of the following disbursement options.

Direct Deposit

RT proceeds may be direct deposited directly into your client’s checking or saving account minus any Prep fees. Funds are disbursed immediately upon IRS funding (RT). Direct Deposit will Reach your client’s bank account 1 to 3 business days after we have disbursed funds.

Cashier’s Check

Check print authorizations available to you upon receipt of state or federal refund minus any Prep fees. Check printing can be performed directly from your computer through your software provider or transmitter.

Pre-paid Card

Pre-paid reloadable Visa debit card that can be loaded with the tax refund minus any Prep fees and then used year-round. All disbursements are loaded onto the taxpayer’s card within minutes of IRS funding without requiring the taxpayer to return to your office.



With over 20 years of experience in the e-file industry, Republic Bank is a trusted and proven provider of Refund Transfers and Easy Advances. Through integration with several leading tax software programs and tens of thousands of tax preparation offices across the country, each tax season millions of customers choose a product from Republic Bank for speed, convenience, and security.


Located in San Diego, CA & established in 2010 upon the sale of the Santa Barbara Bank & Trust tax products division. Building on a legacy of nearly 20 years of industry leadership and superior customer support, TPG, in cooperation with our banking partners, provides fairly priced quality financial products.



We look for solutions to your unique business needs when providing bank products to you and your clients! Compete with the national chains offering Taxpayer Refund Advances both pre-season through our Loyalty Program and in-season with our loan program! We also offer ERO Business Advances pre-season and in-season.


Advanced Tax Pro guarantees prompt and professional responses to our clients


Audit Assistance will work with your client to get the refund they are due


Our goal is to provide you with the greatest service, so you can grow your business every year.

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